I'll never beat those teenage kicks

Good evening =)
I love concerts, Festivals and good live Music in General. Sadly its pretty hard to find that in Switzerland, but sometimes awesome band are coming to Zurich and I was so happy to read that The Wombats will be here in march. Even if I saw them already twice , Im  really looking forward. Oh and in may/june Festival season starts and I planed to go on a few more than this year. Do you already know where to go? Btw, all 90s Kids will love the song down below !
This Pictures are taken by the talented Selina K. again, she wrote a lovely post about me please visit her blog ,her Outfits are really inspiring , just click here .
This something simple ,I would wear it anywhere and its really comfy. If someone would ask me ,what I would wear if I just had a 5 minutes to put something out ,it would look like this.

Blouse: Zara
Scarf: Primark
Top: Tally Weijl
Skirt: C&A *
Boots: Dr.Martens


  1. Hät echt spass gmacht zum zämmä fötälä :) Hoffentlich bald wieder!


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