We lost control again

Hey everyone !

Woah, it got so could today im frosting in here. I went Shopping last week and for sure, I also watched a few Fashion Shows ( they are everywhere right know so you really cant ignore it ) and Im so in love with this maxi/midi coat trend. I love all These dark colored Cardigans right now , its just my favorite season of the year for Fashion. What do you like the most this A/W ?

We shot this look last Weekend and it was warm enough to wear something like that again, maybe it was the last time this year. This skirt is perfection , I wasnt sure about it because of my height but it still Looks amazing, even if it is pretty short. I really needed to show my inner gypsy queen one last time.


Top: Tally Weijl
Necklace: Free People
Tattoos: Flash Tat
Shoes: Vögele Shoes


  1. Die Kette ist sooo schön! Richtig toll. :)

    LG, Amelie

    1. Ja nicht =D Ich hab sie eigentlich für ein For Love and Lemons Kleid gekauft ,aber sie gibt jedem Outfit noch das gewisse etwas =)

      LG Faye

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