Festival Review : Southside 2014

Hello everybody =D
How are you?  Im so sorry , I had no time to take photos the last few weeks so I wasnt able to write a new post. There will be another Outfit post next Weekend , I promise.

But today I want to talk about my first Festival I visited this year. It was awesome!
The Southside Festival is located in the south of Germany and is the Twinfestival for the the Hurricane in Hamburg, that means that the same Bands are playing on both Festivals.
Its a Long way from the parking to the camping area but from there, in two minutes youre by the stages.

I love food on Festivals, so many delicious things I was really suprised how many vegetarian and vegan stuff was available. The best vegan burger I ever had! And traditionally ,theres this awesome place where you can buy a bread filled with cheese and mushrooms or ham called "Handbrot", its freaking amazing! I was really happy that I did not chose a crop top ,otherwise I would have looked like pregnant haha. The beer also was great, much better than the one on Rock am Ring and Rock n Heim last year. We had the idea to bring selfcooling beer with us and we will do this again for sure, it was so great to have ice cold beer the whole day long.

Also I was so surprised that many girls where dressed so well, eye candy for everyone haha =P I like to wear my normal style, I just does not feel comfortable with boring clothes and as long as its ok for that they can get dirty or something like that, everythings fine. My must haves are Dr.Martens, they protect your feet perfectly but also look fantastic, even if its hot you wont sweat in them. Many People talked to me because of my clothing and somehow, this gave me an extra push to write this blog=)

Ok, one of the most important things: The Music! It wasnt our type all the time, but there were a few amazing bands and I love to dance to my favorite songs and Forget everything else. My personal Highlights were:
Twin Atlantic, Jennifer Rostock, Flogging Molly, Zebrahead ,Wombats ( woah, best concert!), Kraftklub, The Subways, The Kooks, The Black Keys

If you have any question about Festivals, just write in the comments and I will try to answer it =)

I hope you as much fun as I had  =D