I wish that plant life would grow all around me

Hey there,

so how do you survived the hot days? I love it! Even if Im dying at work, in my freetime I enjoy summer so much. I found my favorite drinks again, whats better than orange Juice with sparkling water, ice cubes and frozen rasperries. I will take of it the next days so I can Show you what I mean.

You know Im into flower dresses and gypsy stuff in summer but I also cant get over plaid pieces .They dont need to stay in your closet until winter, just take a risk and pair them with your loafers or naked legs. This skirt is the bottom part of my dress from Deandri. Its really short, so I wear a black Basic skirt under it to cover my back. I always do this with short pieces , I dont like to care if its to short and Im on the safe side with that technique.
PS: Do you recognized the Flash Tattoos on my feets? There will be a seperate post about it ,they are amazing!

Crop Top: C&A
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: www.romwe.com
Bag: Primark
Loafers: UNIF Hellraiser www.unifclothing.com