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My boyfriend told me once, he thinks that I would even go to bed with my Dr.Martens. Maybe hes right, im wearing them the time. I never had a lot of shoes , I hated to go and buy a new pair because my feet just did not fit in any of them. As long as I can think, my feets were really long and Thing. Just like my body in general. I wore my favorite pair for more thahn 4 years just because I did not wanted to buy a new one. This shoe thing changed with my pair of Dr.Martens. the second pair of shoes that where really expensive for me ( after the standard Converse ones I really needed and finally thought they were to expensive to wear). If they will break one day, I will buy a new pair immediately, I cant live without them anymore. I decided to buy the normal 1490 ones and the best Storys where definately written in them. Oh but it was just the start! The last year I bought so many shoes, I think its more than I ever owned before all together. I always thought I couldnt wear High Heels because of my height , but one day I thought fuck off and bought my UNIF Neo boots. Platform love! Since then, I have at least 6 pairs of heels here and I cant stop. Normally I like to buy the originals ones but If I dont have to many or just want the shoe but did not fell in love with it, a great dupe is ok. Take a look on SpyLoveBuy. I made my own Little wishlist ,you can see it on the end of the post =)

My Outfit is something really comfy, the pants are so soft and Walking in These UNIF shoes feels like heaven, its even better than in flats. I just recommend to put suncreme on your knees before you put the pants on, otherwise you will have a great pattern on your legs =D

Top: C&A
Jacket: C&A
Backpack: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: UNIF Oi! Boots www.unifclothing.com



  1. wunderwunderwundervoller blog!! <3 ich hab einen neuen blog und bin auf der suche nach neuen coolen lesern, damit das bloggen ja auch sinn macht :D würde mich verdammt freuen, wenn du dazu gehörst und wir follower werden, oder du mich weiter empfehlen könntest :D xoxo SOE


    1. Vielen lieben dank =D
      Ich schau mal rein =)
      LG Faye


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