Until my body feels your magic touch

Good evening =)

Finally summer is here! Im so, so happy about that and cant wait to wear all my pretty dresses and fancy shorts again. I have eaten so much ice cream the last few days, after Cardiff I have to pick up bubblegum ice cream everytime I see it. Its still too cold in the evening to hang around outside but at the moment thats just fine because I got the PS3 game The Last of Us this Weekend and cant stop gaming. Cant wait for Watch Dogs to come out, I hope its going to be fantastic. I love to explore Open World games, I could just walk around for days =D

If you ever wondered who takes the photos of me, the man behind the camera is my boyfriend John, he is my most honest reviewer and best buddy. The Pictures of the landscape or Details are taken by me or him. And I do wear all this Outfits in real life,promise =)  If the photos are not taken by him, I write it in my post.

The shirt and the leggings are from a pretty new online shop called The Trash Rack. I have also ordered two shorts there and I hope they will be with me on the upcoming festival season. Take a look on their page, the have some amazing unique pieces and I just coulnt resist. The leggings are holographic and the shirt has the title of my favorite Rolling Stones song on the front, also its a muscle tee and its shredded. So cool !


Muscle Tee: www.thetrashrack.com
Jacket: C&A
Backpack: Primark
Boots: Dr.Martens


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