I comb the crowd and pick you out

Hey =)

So, today no big words, I just want to show you this all time favorite outfit. Its so simple and comfy but still really special. I would wear this everyday if I could ( and if there wouldnt be a big wardrobe full with clothing ^^) and im thinking about getting more of these Motelrocks Vintage Shorts. They are great quality and available  in many different prints, they are all one of a kind and nobody will have the same.I saw this Docs with socks thing on a concert a few months ago and felt in love , cant stop wearing it all the time. As you can see I really like this one haha =D

PS: The flower is the same as in one of the other Posts from this week , we put it into a old bottle and it still lives ,i was so happy! My boyfriend and me called it Hans =P

Top: C&A
Coat: Vintage:
Necklace: DIY
Shoes: Dr.Martens
Bracelet: www.romwe.com
Backpack: Primark


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