Blinded by nostalgia

Hey there =D

Im back from Cardiff and we had a great time there. The weather was amazing and the place we stayed at was located directly on the coast. I have tons of pictures I want to show you, so I just show them with my outfits I wore that day.

The first day we went to the bay and walked around the port. Awr I love this cute ice cream vans, the bubblegum stuff was awesome!

I wore a gypsy inspired outfit, my new Spell Bell Bottoms (omg they are so comfortable!) and black basic stuff paired with it. We walked the whole day so this was something like perfect for this occasion.

Tanktop: Zara
Coat: Vintage
Crochet Vest: Tally Weijl
Pants: Desert Wanderer Bell Bottoms
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cut Out Boot via

Faye =*


  1. Schöne Bilder. Ich mag die Hose, die ist echt toll. Und dein Hintern sieht auch toll aus darin :D :D :D
    (ja creepy)

    1. Ich liebe die und alle anderen finden sie schrecklich haha=D
      Awr danke =P


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