Run boy, be a man

Hey there =)

What a week! The weather was stunning the first few days, and the day i wanted to take photos, it rained and snowed like hell. So sorry that I just have one look for you this week, Im happy that we catched five minutes without rain...
I went to the piercer and got my septum pierced, but you cant see it yet because its flipped inside to heal. Tell me if I should do a resume in a few months to answer all your questions about it =D

I wanted to wear this dress really badly, but as I said it was freezing outside. So I tried to make it winter wearable and this is what came out. The dress has a heart cut out you cant see on the Pictures because it was definately to cold to take my Cardigan off, but you know what I mean. I bought the shoes for a very little price, I always wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas and this was the perfect Occasion, even if they are a little bit too Mainstream for me, I still love them so much!

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas
Overknees: Tschibo
Cardigan: Tally Weijl
Coat: Primark
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Faye =*


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