I want to hear both sides

Good evening =)

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Weekend. I  cant wait to have my Holidays and dance all day long in the sun.. No big words today, I just wanted to show you todays pictures with the famous Terrible Movement Kiss me tee ,its amazing!

So again, a sunday summary:

Watched: TV Shows and the last few episodes of Revenges season 2
Read: Nora by Hendrik Ibsen for school
Listen: The Beatles, Jet and Nancy Sinatra
Did: Went to the Cinema to see American Hustle
Eat: Pizza, Vegetable Bread
Drink: To much unhealthy stuff like coke and ice tea
Thought: The missing airplane reminds me soo much of the tv show "Lost"^^
Happy: Finally its warm enough to go out without a jacket
Laugh: How can a cat sleep like that
Bought: Summer stuff from www.spelldesigns.com


Bracelet: www.romwe.com
Backpack: Primark
Leggings: www.romwe.com
Boots: The Reaper by UNIF via Solestruck www.unifclothing.com / www.solestruck.com
Faye =*


  1. Hey, du hast wirklich einen schönen Blog und ich werde ihn auch im Auge behalten. Mich würde es so freuen, wenn du mir Feedback zu meinem Youtube kanal da lässt, vielleicht schenkst du mir ja dein abo :)
    jedenfalls mag ich deinen blog echt gerne.

    sophia xx

  2. du erinnerst mich an taylor momsen


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