I want to hear both sides

Good evening =)

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Weekend. I  cant wait to have my Holidays and dance all day long in the sun.. No big words today, I just wanted to show you todays pictures with the famous Terrible Movement Kiss me tee ,its amazing!

So again, a sunday summary:

Watched: TV Shows and the last few episodes of Revenges season 2
Read: Nora by Hendrik Ibsen for school
Listen: The Beatles, Jet and Nancy Sinatra
Did: Went to the Cinema to see American Hustle
Eat: Pizza, Vegetable Bread
Drink: To much unhealthy stuff like coke and ice tea
Thought: The missing airplane reminds me soo much of the tv show "Lost"^^
Happy: Finally its warm enough to go out without a jacket
Laugh: How can a cat sleep like that
Bought: Summer stuff from www.spelldesigns.com


Bracelet: www.romwe.com
Backpack: Primark
Leggings: www.romwe.com
Boots: The Reaper by UNIF via Solestruck www.unifclothing.com / www.solestruck.com
Faye =*


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