Wearing our vintage misery

Hi loves =)

I thought today i dont want to just show you an ouftit . So ,i love tv series and i want to tell show you my favourites and the ones I had my problems to get warm with them ;)

So lets start with my favourites :
The Following Im totally into the Serial killer theme and i love the Feeling this show gives you. You start to understand why the People in their act like they do. The actors do fantastic work!I really recommend this one =D

Revenge At the moment my must see. Really special theme , and I can totally understand the main character. Also ,much to see for us Girls =P

True Blood Oh , I cant get enough of this <3 Watched all seasons in 3 months. I love this fucked up Thing about it and Alexander Skarsgard is soo hot =D

Things I just watch because I do haha

The Vampire Diaries I started with the first season ,and it was much better between season 2-3 . I dont the things that happened the last few seasons so ;)

The Originals Spin Off TVD  ,but i really like this one much more. Theres a vibe I love about These kind of Shows , take a look =)

Pretty Little Liars I loved season 1 &2 but its going down and sometimes theres a moment where they should stop producing something like this ;)

I really tried ,but These Shows are not done for me:
Game of Thrones
Being Human

After this Little cut ,i still want to show you todays Outfit .So here we go =D

Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: Primark
Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Primark
Coat: Primark
Leggings: Romwe
Boots: Dr.Martens
So what are your favourite tv Shows?
Faye =*


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