Montag, 28. März 2016

This is true obsession

Hi guys,

I hope you had a great Easter Weekend!

In two weeks Im already in Berlin, on my way to England to finally have some time for myself and try out my new camera. I waited so long for this trip, its the first time in five months that I travel again. I need it so badly, its like an Asthma attack, its getting harder to breathe the longer it takes until Im on the road again. Happily this trip marks the beginning of summer and that means Festivals, more journeys and other exciting things to come.

 But sometimes, the most beautiful places are right outside our door. Near my flat is a highway bridge you can access by foot, on saturday we enjoyed the nice weather and went out for a walk under that bridge. The light was so nice, we definately have to got back and shoot more looks down there.

Poncho: H&M
Boots: Dr.Martens
Backpack*: C&A


Faye =*

Freitag, 25. März 2016

Beauty Weekend Special: Lush Easter

Hi guys,

Happy easter!

We never really celebrated this Holiday but every my mom brings me an easter nest with sweets and chocolate. I completly fall for the cute bunny decoration so my flat looks like a little Zoo every year, porcelain bunnies, a wooden deer and more bunnies.

And like my mom Lush releases a collection for easter yearly.
I got a package with a bunch of beautiful products, I opened it in my car and seriously best smell ever.

Thanks to Lush!

Fröhlich Ostern!

In meiner Familie haben wir diesen Feiertag nie wirklich gefeiert, doch meine Mutter bringt mir jedes Jahr ein Osternest vorbei, voll gefüllt mit meinen Lieblingssüssigkeiten. Ich liebe diese niedlichen Hasen Dekorationen, jeden Frühhling sieht meine Wohnung aus wie ein kleiner Zoo, Porzellan Hasen, ein hölzerner Elch und noch mehr Hasen.

Und wie meine Mama gibt es auch bei Lush jede Jahr eine Oster Kollektion.
Ich habe ein Paket mit tollen Produkten bekommen, welches ich im Auto geöffnet habe und dieses riecht nun unheimlich lecker.

Vielen Dank an Lush!

Three bubble bars, everyone smells completly different. You can either use them all the same time and then multiple times or one of them at once. First I did it completly wrong, not like the other bubble bars you only have to hold it under the water while its going into the tube but I tried to rub it like you have to with the normal ones. I was really confused because nothing really happened and I spent an hour in the bathtube to find out how to use it. Read the instructions before I used the second one and hallelujah, it worked exactly like it should. They smell amazing and if you use them right the work perfectly fine.

Drei Schaumbäder mit jeweils komplett unterschiedlichen Düften in einem. Man kann entweder alle miteinander mehrmals benutzen oder jedes einmal. Das erste Mal hab ich leider nicht ganz verstanden wie man es benutzen sollte, man muss es nämlich nur unter das einlaufende Badewasser halten und nicht verreiben wie bei den anderen. Meine Hände waren danach zwar Pink aber viel mehr ist nicht passiert, nachdem ich dann aber die Anleitung gelesen habe hats beim zweiten Mal geklappt und das Badewasser färbt sich langsam in der Farbe der jeweiligen Karotte. Der Geruch bleibt auch während des Bads erhalten, eine besondere Pflegewirkung konnte ich nicht feststellen.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I told you before how much I love soaps and this one is another masterpiece. The whole bar is colored like a rainbow but you will only get a piece of it, mine was yellow and pink. It smells really sweet but not too heavy, more fruity and bloomy than sugar sweet. The glitter isn`t noticeable when you use it, it cleans really well and every piece is unique.

Ich habe euch bereits erzählt wie sehr ich feste Seifen liebe und das ist ein weiteres Meisterstück. Das ganze Stück ist gefärbt wie ein Regenbogen, euer Teil hat dann jeweils eine oder mehrere Farben davon. Meiner war gelb/rosa, es riecht sehr süss aber eher fruchtig/blumig und nicht zu künstlich. Den Glitzer sieht man beim waschen nicht mehr, sie reinigt sehr gut und jede Seife ist ein Einzelstück.

I always wanted to try this product! Its a shower jelly, like normal shower cream but in a jelly way. This bunny is extremly cute and smells amazing like an orange, it comes in a pot where it can be stored. First I really had problems to use it, every time I wanted to rub it on my body it just slipped away, but if you first rub it on your hands and then put the gel on your body its way easier. The ears broke away after a few times of use and if you have a piece that fits into your palm its also much easier to use it. The smell stays for quite some time so I would highly recommend it.

Ich wollte diese Produktreihe schon immer mal ausprobieren! Es ist ein Dusch Jelly, wie ein normales Duschgel aber in der Form eines Jellys. Der Hase ist wirklich sehr niedlich und riecht lecker nach Orange, verpackt ist das ganze in einem Pot. Zu Beginn hatte ich einige Probleme ihn richig zu benutzen, aufgrund der Konsistenz ist er mir immer wieder aus den Händen geflutscht. Wenn man ihn aber zuerst an den Händen reibt und so aufträgt, geht es wesentlich einfacher. Wenn das Stück die Grösse der Handfläche hat kann man es auch einfacher direkt auf den Körper auftragen ohne das es runterfällt. Der Geruch hält sich eine Weile und ich würde das Produkt auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.



Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

Food Wednesday: Pizza Bretzel

Hi guys,

Easter is coming and the streets will be full with people who want to escape winter, searching for a little bit of sun.

Who else is staying at home? A good video game, tv shows and comfort Food, maybe after a night out.

This recipe is heaven, so easy but if you love cheese and pizza dough you have to try this! Gooey cheese in the middle of a hot pizza bretzel...

You Need:
- Pizza dough
- Shredded Mozarella
- garlic powder or whatever you like
- optional: tomato puree / herbs

1. Roll the dough, cut in half and stretch it, you will get two bretzel out of it

2. Put cheese and herbs, seasoning or tomato puree on the dough, whatever you like but most important a lot of cheese

3. Roll the dough to two rolls

4. Form two bretzel, take the ends and bring them to the middle. Its much easier than it seems!

5. Cheese on top, because you know, there is never too much cheese

6. Bake it as long as the package of the pizza dough says, for me it was around 15 minutes at 190 Degrees Celcius.


Its heaven <3 p="">


Faye =*

Montag, 21. März 2016

Freedom`s just another word for nothing left to loose

Hi guys,

Gosh I`m so busy at the moment that the blog really suffers, I have a few posts waiting to get published but just no time to get them ready in time. Really hope that I will be able to have some time during the long easter weekend to shoot some looks and prepare a few beauty and food posts.

As you may have seen, I bleached my hair a little bit lighter and actually I like it a lot. Wasn`t sure about it first but hey, you can always go darker so why not try to get as light as possible first. You can see it pretty good in these photos, definately want to keep this color for a while or at least as long as my hair is healthy like this.

Todays outfit is a classic, like every spring I`m slowly getting back my boho vibe and leave the grunge in the background. Have a nice week <3 p="">

Photos by Selina ( Blog / Portfolio )

Maxi Dress: Arnhem
Jacket: Zara
Shorts: Forever 21
Boots: Dr.Martens



Freitag, 18. März 2016

I`m still in your head

Hi guys,

Some people love dogs, other ones are crazy cat ladys. I grew up with both, my family always had a dog and two cats, I started riding horses when I was 8 and animals have always been a part of my life. What most people don`t know, I`m actually allergic to all these pets but fought against it all my life, I never wanted to let something I can`t control take over my dreams and what I do. If it was because of who I am, my pigment spots, my asthma or everything else that decided to stay in my way.

At the moment, it wouldn`t be responsible to have a cat ( even if I would love to). We all know that they can get up to 20 years old and I don`t want to stay here for so long, so sadly this has to wait. Still, I see myself being old sitting in front of a farmhouse with my cats and horses around me but there is plenty of time to do that.

And as you may already found out, Im definately the crazy cat lady =P

Coat*: C&A
Shoes: UNIF


Faye =*

Montag, 14. März 2016

You made a fool of everyone

Hi guys,
Another monday, another outfit. The past few years the hype for Vintage clothes got even stronger, especially for special pieces that aren`t what we usually think secondhand clothing is. Band Tees from the 90`s, jackets from the 80`s, 70`s flares and 60`s boho dresses are more in Fashion than ever, preferably all mixed up together.
It allows people with a small budget to be in fashion, a trend thats the opposite of what happened in the early 2000`s where kids who weren`t able to wear the newest shit were left out. Big Bloggers like Lua from LeHappy love to thrift shop, to mix and match designer pieces with second hand or budget.
It feels like a step in the right direction, a step towards tolerance and equality. We all have a secondhand store somewhere near us, they might look boring from the outside but its so worth it to take a look! Just think of all the old ladies that were young in the 60`s, wanna know what happens to there clothes after they died? Exactly, the are for sale in a secondhand store, mostly in excellent condition because people took really good care of their clothes back then.
Some online shops even have a vintage section, like Brag Vintage. They also have two stors in Sheffield UK, where some of the greatest musicans started their career, so if you`re ever in that area I would highly recommend to take a look around. But even if you`re not in the UK, as I said they also have an online store so you can order whatever you like no matter where you are based.
 Thrift Shopping put on a next Level!

Blazer*: Brag Vintage
Trenchcoat*: C&A
Necklace: Forever 21
Overknees: Free People
Boots: Dr. Martens