Montag, 29. Februar 2016

From a night that time forgot

Hi guys,
After a really personal post on friday, today is all about fshion again.
I told you about my love for sixties clothes after I watched Heart of Dixie ( maybe shouldn`t start Mad Men if I don`t want to end up broke ), this is one of the Dresses that made it into my wardrobe. Gosh, Im so in love with it! Pretty unusal for me, it isn`t black or really dark and actually pretty bright. Oh and there are cats all over it! I went crazy and there are a few more items featuring cats waiting to get photographed, but they are just so cute.
I tried to make this look as casual as possible, to find a good combination between modern and 60s. The lenght of the skirt really makes your legs look short, so I wear a pair of heels and a Trenchcoat.
Don`t worry, I wore a few layers under my jacket and only took it off for a few minutes to take the photos ;)  





Shoes: The Scully by Jeffrey Campbell
Trenchcoat*: C&A
Faye =*

Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Weekend Beauty Special: Lush Soaps

Hi guys,
I have to confess something. Soaps are my secret addiction, especially organic ones with a strong smell and a crazy color. I dont know or how this happened, before I moved out I never ever used a solid soap because my mom only owns liquid soaps. You may remember the Ponyhütchen Adventscalendar in 2014 and this was the first time I got a solid soap. Since then, my collection exploded but I use them all the time so it wont be too bad.
I got the Valentines soap at the Shoptour in January, all the other ones were bought by myself.
Ich muss etwas gestehen. Seifen sind meine heimliche Sucht, speziell organische mit einem starken Duft in verrückten Farben. Ich hab keine Ahnung wie das passiert ist, bevor ich ausgezogen bin habe ich nie eine feste Seife benutzt da meine Mutter immer nur flüssige gekauft hat. Villeicht erinnert ihr euch noch an den Ponyhütchen Adventskalender in 2014, darin war meine erste feste Seife enthalten. Seit damals ist meine Sammlung explodiert, zum Glück benutzt man sie ja häufig und der Bestand hält sich somit immer in Grenzen.
Die Valentinstag Seife habe ich bei der Shoptour im Januar von Lush bekommen, alle anderen habe ich mir selbst gekauft.
Thi is a limited edition valentines special. Unusal for Lush, its not just a block of soap but formed as a rose. It smells really decent, like a real rose and I love it. The pink ombre is only a thick overlay, the soap itself its light rose. It works perfectly mine, I only noticed that I didn`t cleaned as good as Rockstar. What I love about Lush soaps is that they are vegan and cruetly free, which most other soaps aren`t and people dont even know about it.
Dies ist eine limitierte Valentinstag Seife, zurzeit sollte sie noch erhältlich sein. Speziell daran ist, das sie in der Form einer Rose daher kommt und nicht als Block. Der Geruch ist nicht zu stark, wie eine Rose und ich mag ihn unheimlich gerne. Die pinke Ombre Erscheinung ist ein Overspray, die Seife selbst ist hell rosa. Sie erfüllt ihren Zweck sehr gut, auch wenn ich das Gefühl hatte das Rockstar ein wenig besser gereinigt hat. Alle Lush Seifen sind by the way Vegan, ausser in Ausnahmefällen, sowie natürlich tierversuchsfrei was viele andere leider nicht sind.

I didn`t had the chance to try this one for now,
lets be honest nobody needs that much soap and especially not if your living alone most of the time. The smell is really dark but still sweet, it reminds me of Reindeer Rock but its much sweeter. The soap comes in the usual block form with a structure in a dark violet color.
Bisher hab ich es noch nicht geschafft diese hier auszuprobieren, seien wir ehrlich, so viel Seife braucht niemand und schon gar nicht wenn man die meiste Zeit alleine wohnt. Es riecht ähnlich wie Reindeer Rock, aber wesentlich süsser.

Completly different to the ones I had before! It smells like the ocean, really fresh and salty. There is real seaweed from Japan and seasalt from Portugal in there! Can`t wait to try this one, I think I will wait for summer to get a break of my beloved sweet Soaps.
Komplett unterschiedlich zu allem was ich bisher hatte! Es riecht nach Meer, frische und Salz. Darin enthalten ist richtiges Seegras aus Japan sowie Meersalz aus Portugal! Ich freue mich schon darauf diese auszuprobieren, vor allem im Sommer kann ich sie mir sehr gut vorstellen.

Reindeer Rock

I couldn`t find this one on the website so I think it probaly was limited, but I thought I show it anyway, maybe it will make a comeback. This soap smells really dark and less sweet than Respect your elders, exactly the way I like my perfumes. Im using this at the moment, it works really well and I can even use it to clean my face cloth.
Ich konnte diese Seife nicht auf der Website finden, wahrscheinlich war es eine Limited Edition. Aber da die Produkte manchmal zurück kommen, stelle ich sie euch trotzdem vor. Sie riecht sehr dunkel, misteriös und weniger süss als Respect your elders, ungefähr so stelle ich mir mein perfektes Parfüm vor. Ich benutze sie im Moment, funktioniert wunderbar und ich kann damit sogar mein Gesichtstuch reinigen.

Vielen Dank an Lush für die Unterstützung!

Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

This ride is a wild one

Hi guys,
My heart beats for the Freaks. For the weirdos,with hard lifestories or handicaps. I never liked kids, my mom used to work at a day care and when I was younger I often visited her there and stayed for an afternoon once a week. There was one disabled boy with Trisomie 21 I could get along with, I hated all the other children but only this one boy found his way into my heart. When I look back, its like a red thread through my life. There may was a group of 10 people, all really cool and popular, but I always liked the only one who was different. Its the thing I like the most about my job as a nurse, especially in long term care, the thing that keeps me doing it for as long as I have to even if the job itself may isnt my absolute dream and a part of my journey to what I really want to do.
All these stories I heard during the last 5 years, from people no matter what age who survived wars, tragedy and death or manage to live there life with a disease, its incredibly inspiring. It shows me to never loose hope, that nothing is impossible and no matter how hard life is, there is always a way to happiness. It also helped me not to judge someone, to take everyone like they are and give them a chance. I believe that every single person I meet in my life can teach me something, that I can take something with me and learn from it. Especially for someone like me, who finds it really hard to take a different look at a situation or show my feelings, its so helpful and mind opening to hear other peoples desires, hopes and fears. How they manage a situation, how there life was in a time when they had to fight for every bit of happiness.
Life is worth living, walk around with your senses on and you will feel the magic of being inspired by all the amazing things this world has to offer. Places and people, they all tell their own story. We are supposed to be a better version of our parents, so lets take that chance and learn from experiences we may never will make but other ones had to.

Pants: Missguided
Trenchcoat*: C&A
Boots: Vagabond

Montag, 22. Februar 2016

It must be the oxygenated air

Hi guys,
Some days are just for comfortable clothes. For simple combinations, not much to worry about so you can concentrate on whatver is important.
In situations like this I always wear leggings. Recently with this top, it covers the parts I dont want show in leggings like my butt or crotch but takes to focus to my hips so you can still see how flattering they look on my body.
This is a great example how clothes can change how your body looks. My legs look like they were a normal height, keep that in mind when you see the friday look because they look wasy longer than here. In reality? Something in between.

Leggings: BlackMilk
Dress/Top*: Dressin
Jacket*: C&A
Boots: Dr.Martens

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

Weekend Beauty Special: Lush Luxury Bath Oils

Hi guys,
I love taking a bath. When I still lived at my parents house I never thought that I would actually enjoy it again, when I was a child I spent hours in the bathtube but somehow with time I prefered taking a shower. My flat doesnt have an extra shower, so If I want to shower I have to stand in the bathtube anyway and because Im lazy I tend to sit down. No wonder Im addicted again, in winter I take a bath at least every week and never without a bathbomb or something similiar. Next week I will Show you some of my favorite bath bombs from Lush, but today its all about the Luxury Bath Oils.
As you may know, the recently got a new forumla. They got smaller and more concentratet, they are also much cheaper than the normal bath bombs. Definately a go!
Ich liebe es zu baden. Als ich noch bei meinen Eltern wohnte, habe ich nie daran gedacht einmal gerne baden zu gehen. Als Kind konnte ich stundenlang in der Badewanne sitzen und mit diesen Badefiguren ( kennt die noch niemand? Sie hatten eine Gelhülle die sie auflöste und dann einen öligen Inhalt freigab ) spielen, aber je älter ich wurde desto eher ging ich duschen. Meine Wohnung hat keine extra Dusche, also muss ich sowieso in die Badewanne stehen und da ich dabei oftmals faul bin, setze ich mich auf den Boden was ja nur noch ein kleiner Schritt zum eigentlichen Bad ist. Kein Wunder bin ich mittlerweile richtig süchtig danach, im Winter nehme ich mindestens jede Woche ein Bad und benutze dabei einen Badezusatz. Nächste Woche zeige ich euch meine Favoriten von Lush, aber heute geht's um die Luxuriösen Öl Bäder.
Wie ihr villeicht wisst, haben diese eine neue Formulierung. Sie sind kleiner, aber konzentrierter und bedeutend günstiger als die normalen Badebomben.
The first one I tried is a little half pink, half orange circle formed glittery bath oil. The smell is amazing, it reminds me of my beloved Rockstar Soap. Sadly it disappears when in the water, the water takes a light rose color but not oily at all. I could`nt see a care effect, I had to use a Body Lotion after it.
Als erstes testete ich dieses halb pinke, halb orange glitzerige bade öl. Es riecht unglaublich gut, nach Zuckerwatte wie meine geliebte Seife Rockstar. Leider vergeht der Geruch im Wasser, diese färbt sich leicht rosa und ist überhaupt nicht ölig. Einen Pflegeeffekt konnte ich nicht feststellen, meine Haut musste ich danach noch mit einer Bodylotion behandeln.


This one looked really interesting and it nearly melted when I touched it, so I had to try You`ve Been Mangoed. The smell is slightly minty with a fruity note, when it gets in contact with the water the green Shell melts and the White core starts to appear. It was way oiler than Marshmallow, but it also took way better care of my Skin. No colored water here but because its a luxury bath there`s no need for it.
Dieses hat bereits ein spezielles Aussehen, als ich es anfasste fing es bereits an zu schmelzen und ich wollte es unbedingt ausprobieren. Der Geruch ist minzig mit einer fruchtigen Note, wenn es mit Wasser in Kontakt kommt schmilzt die Grüne Hülle und der weisse Kern kommt zum Vorschein. Das Badewasser war wesentlich öliger und pflegte meine Haut bedeutend besser.


Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

Why don't we all just stand up and fight?

Hi guys,
Take a look at this beautiful blue Color! Im really bad in wearing clothes that are made for current weather, in summer I want to wear my boots and in winter I would like to run around in Trenchcoats even if its way too cold. This year, I finally bought some faux fur coats, my latest Addition is this beautiful three colored one from Missguided. I touch myself all the time while wearing this ( =P ) and its such a Statement Piece, you can go all black with this and look fantastic.
Now I will continue listening to the new Simple Plan Album and get exited for the concert in two weeks!

Coat: Missguided
Leggings: BlackMilk
Dress: H&M
Boots: Dr.Martens
Faye =*