Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Food Wednesday: Egg and Cheese Boat

Hi guys,

I hope this post will look like it should, my laptop died and I have to write this on my phone. So sad how lost we are without a computer these days, it just wasnt my day at all and I ended up watching Netflix with a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, today is about something else. Its called Breakfast boat on Tasty but I would never eat this for the first meal of the day, its way to heavy. But perfect for lunch or brunch if you want to try something new!

                            You need:
                         - 1 baguette
             - bacon ( I used veggie bacon )
                         - green onions
                         - 1 dl milk
                         - 4 eggs
                         - shredded cheese
             - cut a square out of the bread 
             - cut the bacon and the green onions into little cubes, cook the bacon
             - mix everything together, use as much cheese, onions and bacon as you like
             - Fill the bread and bake it for 25 minutes at 175 C, enjoy while its warm 

                        Bon appetit =)

                             Faye =*