Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Travel : New York City

Hi guys ,
Can`t believe that I`ve been back for nearly three weeks , but my NYC post is finally finished .
First, lets talk about our Hotel. We stayed at the Cassa Hotel near Times Square and the Location is perfect for exploring all the touristic places, you can go wherever you would like to and often even by foot. The rooms are really pretty, the only Thing that could have been better was the small bed.

First day we went to Times Square and visited all the Shops like M&Ms, Hersheys and Toys R us. A real life barbie house! We went there more than once because our Hotel was just around the Corner, once we at breakfast at the Hardrock Cafe ( no recommandation, nothing Special ) or dinner at TGIF and Planet Hollywood.

Day two, we walked to Central Park and ate breakfast on our way, there is a nice Little cafe on the end of 6th Ave. We took the subway to the National Natural History Museum and it was one of my Highlights, haven`t seen such a beautiful museum before! You definately have to go there, its so worth it!

After that we went to Central Park and just walked around. This squirrels are adorable, so fascinating to see this enormous green in the middle of such a mega City.

Then we took the subway to the meatpacking district, grabbed some Food in a Supermarket ( why aren`t there more supermarkets in NYC? I really had trouble to find one ) and spent some time at the High Line Park. One of my personal favorites, I would have loved to stay there forever. So inspiring and beautiful, oh the view!
Chelsea Market reminded me of Camden. This cute little stores with tasty food and Special Souvenirs, the taste of fresh cupcakes and a grilled cheese Sandwich, what else could I dream of. I think photos say more than words .



On Friday, we went to the WTC Memorial. I don`t have to talk about this, we all know what happened. The Museum is nicely done, really respective but informative. Personally, I never thought that it would be that interesting and silent, everyone was quite while we were in there.
We took a walk to Little Italy and Soho later that day, look at this art, so beautiful!

On saturday we booked the boat tour to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Sadly this is incredibly touristic, my highlight was Ellis Island. If you want to make this tour, you could also just stay on the boat and don`t go on land by the statue, the next stop is far more interesting. But the area where the ship depature is located is really nice.

 On our last day we wanted to go to Williamsburg but sadly the subway line was closed that day. So we just took another one and stranded in Brooklyn, found the Brooklyn Bridge by accident and walked through the park. We took the Ferry up to 34rd street and walked all the way to our Hotel up on the 5th Ave.

 New York is such an inspiring and impressive City, for me five days weren`t enough. I think I would have to stay longer if I would like to expore the feeling this place gives you, but it also was nice to see that its still "just" a City where People live and work, and not unreal at all like its showed in the movies.
Hope to see you again , NYC!

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Food Wednesday : New York Food

Hi guys ,

This is officially my 200th post !  For sure it is about food and today I want to take you with me on my Little " what I ate in NYC , or at least a 1/10 of it " .

After our Arrival we decided to walk to Times Square , but we got distractet by all the Food Trucks and ended up with Popcorn and smoothies . Im sure you`ve seen photos of the M&Ms store before , but all this tubes where really impressive and looked so pretty ! We ended up with a big bag and I didn`t even had the Chance to try them because they ended up in my moms suitcase .

There are some things I had to try while being in the US , especially because These are my favorite dishes . Mac and cheese , an original american grilled cheese Sandwich ( this spot is located in chelsea market , you can`t miss it and everything tastes amazing ) , broccoli cheddar soup , veggie burger with sweet potato fries and not to Forget all the amazing breakfast dishes . Actually we went to really touristic spots , especially in the evenign , we were just to tired to search for me so we ended up at Planet Hollywood ,  TGIF and The Hardrock Cafe .

I heard so much about eggs benedict and because I never saw any until our last day in Brooklyn , I ordered them at a cute small Restaurant near the subway Station York . Not sure what I should think about them , maybe it was a Little bit too much . But I already do English Breakfast Muffins at home , and they we available everywhere - > heaven . The burger spot is located in Soho , just before it turns into Little Italy and it was the best burger I had in a Long time  .

Sorry if you`re hungry now =P


Faye =*

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

Still nothing feels the same

Hi guys ,

I just saw that my last Food Wednesday post didn`t went online , so sorry for that but I promise that it will appear next wednesday . So many things happened last week , I went to Berlin with C&A for there SS16 collection  with Selina . Can`t wait to Show you what we`ve done there , its pretty cool =) My big NYC Post will be up this week too , everytime I see the photos I want to go back .

Ponchos and capes are everywhere right now , I fell in love with this one in Paris this may . I`ve never worn something like this before , but after these photos Im thinking about getting more capes .
So simple, stylish, cozy and warm !

PS: Happy 200th post !

Cape * : C&A
Overknees : Free People
Backpack : Hollister
Boots : Dr.Martens
Scarf : Primark

Love ,