Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

Surf Special: City Wave Zurich

Hi guys,

As you may know I love to go surfing. I already posted multiple posts about surfcamps and my past surftrips, but I`m in switzerland and there is no sea anywhere around here. So, can you still go surfing here and what are the possibilities to do so? Let`s start with something extraordinary!


This summer, The Wave Factory is bringing the City Wave to Zurich. It`s a wave in a pool, which allows you to go Surfing in the middle of the city without having to paddle, stand up or study the current.


You can book in your session online or just try your luck and go by to see if there is a free spot. You enter the wave on the side, depends if you`re goofy or regular, and already get in standing. Now it`s all about keeping your balance, and you can surf the wave until you fall. You`re only under water for a few seconds and end up at the end of the wave where you can get out.


The Citywave is based next to Frau Gerolds Garten just next to the train station Hardbrücke and the the Prime Tower. You can`t miss it, you can hear the water running from the outside and there are multiple signs.

What else to know?

It`s quite different from the ocean waves, you practically surf on the other side of the wave. There are many chairs and couches all around the wave where you can relax, they offer some amazing drinks and a foodtruck is based right in front. You can choose between a beginner or an advanced session, once session coasts around 45.- CHF and gives you 45 minutes on the wave, shared with other surfers after each other.

As you can see, I really struggled on the wave and my balance is just shit so it took me multiple tries to finally being able to really surf on the wave. But in a 45 min session you definately will be able to do it, even if you`re not sporty at all and thats something absolutely amazing, everybody who`s been at the beach knows that it takes much, much longer to even get to this point in the ocean.

If you miss the sea, want a city Adventure, watch some surfers ( entry itself is free!) or just have a nice meal, visit the wave, its open from tuesday to sunday until September.

A big thank you to the Wave Factory for letting me try out the wave!

You can book  your session or get more information on there Website ->

Best wishes,


Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

I`m high again of your oxygen

Hi guys,

Finally managed to upload another outfit! I will have the special post I promised you hopefully finished next week, and some other new projects are also on the way. Spent the past few weekends at Festivals, would you be interested to see a little Festival Special up here?

If you ever wonder what to do with your swimsuit when you`re out of the water, check out what I did ->

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Swimsuit: Arnhem
Shorts: Blackmilk
Boots: Dr.Martens

Faye =*

Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

I`m not coming down anytime soon

Hi guys,

God, again long time no post! My life is still so busy and crazy right now, I want to prepare so many Posts but its just hard to keep up at the moment. But I got a summer special series planned, as well  as a food guide through my hometown and I hope it all works out like planned. You know that Im into Surfing, thats why Im going to show you some possibilities on how to surf in a country without the sea.

I posted this Outfit quite some time ago on Instagram, its a two piece set by my favorite brand Spell and I really hope you like what me and my friend Selina did once again =D

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Rhiannon Two Piece: Spell Designs
Boots: Dr.Martens


Faye =*