Montag, 30. Mai 2016

If you believe in magic, don`t be afraid to use it

Hi guys,

The forest is a magical place. Like the sea, its natures perfection of different species living together, we are only allowed to enter and take a look.
Sadly not everyone treats this little world with respect
and love, after a party you can find tons of garbage in the middle of the woods or at a beach, even if it would be so easy to just take it with us once we leave. We choose this place for a reason, why dont we give our best to keep it the way we like it the most?

I will be at Rock im Park thursday to monday, so it may will get a little silent on my social media channels but I try to write another post for friday. If you want to see as many Pictures as possible, make sure to follow me on Instagram ( @sweetaloevera ) and on Snapchat ( @badaloevera ).

Dress: Spell
Bag*: C&A
Boots: Ash Boots
Necklace: Free People
Bracelet and Ring*: C&A