Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Colder than an arctic storm

Good evening guys =)

Maybe you saw that I put Songs on the end of my posts, so may you know my style of Music already. Todays Song is something special ,its art in its most perfect way. This song is nearly 90 years old and still absolutely fantastic ! Pure art. What Version do you love the most? As a true Truebie im also really into Stephen Moyers Version but they are all great there own way.

Todays Outfit also is kinda special. I never wore my glasses on Outfit Pictures and I dont like them that much so please tell me in the comments what you think about that. This skort definately screams nerd and geek , this brings out my inner gamer/Serial Junkie and nerdy me.

Skort: C&A *
Crop Top: C&A
Necklace: DIY
Bag: Primark
Boots: Dr.Martens