Montag, 3. März 2014

We could stay young forever

Hi guys =D
Its so rainy here right now and you barely can do something. I would be really happy if the weather would finally decide if ist winter or spring cause I hate this middle thing.
This Wednesday i will finally see TPR live on stage and if you want to see pictures, check out my instagram account that day( or maybe i will take until thursday ,you can find me here @sweetaloevera).

This Outfit goes in the comfortable category, everything on it is just really comfy and simple. The Shirt is from Terrible Movement, a great brand for Special muscle tees ( I love wearing them on Festivals!) and with the best customer Service i ever used. So kind and helpful, just perfect.
The Boots are from UNIF again, I bought them on Karmaloop for a priece you cant say no and they dont feel like platforms at all, I can walk with them like with normal shoes.
Hope you like it=)

Leather Jacket: C&A
Cardigan: Primark
Beverly Kills Muscle Tee:
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Overknees: Tschibo
Oi! Boots: UNIF
Faye =*

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  1. Very cool outfit
    Great pics too! :)