I`m Faye, a full-time travelling professional photographer who is always on the look out for the extraordinary. 
I founded Feathers and  Goldbears back in 2013 and it all started as a fashion blog back in the days. In the following years I grew and in 2019 sold everything to travel the world as a nomad. Since then, I went vegan, started to live a very minimalistic lifestyle and made it my mission to travel the world as sustainable as possible, collecting stories along the way that will hopefully one day inspire others. 

 On here, I share tips about sustainable travel, travel maps for your journey,  vegan restaurants and businesses worldwide.

I dedicated my life to a sustainable  nomadic lifestyle, to art and freedom. My heart beats for the weird and wonderful, always on the search for breathtaking stories and views.

The best way to describe myself?

a metalhead with an emo heart and a gypsy soul


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