Montag, 30. November 2015

Straight for the castle

Hi guys =)
If you follow me on Snapchat ( @badaloevera ) you may know that Im watching Hart of Dixie at the moment. Sometimes you see someone wearing a pretty gorgeous dress in TV and now imagine this happening every five minutes. Yes, If completly fell in love with Lemon Breeland / Jamie Kings wardrobe! Swing dresses, midi skirts, high necks and crazy patterns, I spent the last few days searching for online shops with that kind of clothes and ( sadly for my bank account )  I found a few.
Then I remembered that I still got this beautiful polka dot dress in my wardrobe I wanted to shoot. Oh and I don`t want to wear anything else recently, I love how it looks on me. But I need to work on that hairstyle though, do you have any ideas what I should try? Im thinking about getting it more white/silver or cut it into a long bob.

Dress* : CN Direct
Coat* : C&A
Bag: Primark
Overknees: H&M
Boots: Vagabond
Lipstick: Lime Crime

Donnerstag, 26. November 2015

Behold the madness

Hi guys,

I haven`t felt the Christmas vibe in a long time, but this year its back. Maybe because I have time to enjoy it, to explore christmas markets and drink mulled wine without worrying if I have to drive later because Im not allowed to anyway. I bought myself advent calendars ( would you like to see them in a blogpost? ), winter decoration and I will bake some cookies. Went on a online Christmas gift hunt and I nearly have everything together. I believe that there is something good in all our experiences and this "me-time", even if it isn`t like I expected and my travel plans for this year had to be cancelled, was really needed. Even if Winter isn`t my favorite season, I try to enjoy it as much as I can this year.

Skirt: Blackmilk
Coat: Missguided
Gloves: Primark



Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Food Wednesday: Hawaii Buns

Hi guys,

Do you remember the dough I used last week for the Pizza buns? I didn`t used everything so I got another recipe for you. If you want to see which dough I used, take a look at last weeks Food Wednesday, there is a Picture.

I found this recipe on Instagram and its incredibly yummy!


- bun dough
- cream cheese
- Pineapple
- grated cheese

First, place the buns and put some cream cheese in the middle.

Place the pineapple, you can use as much as you want.

Form a Little bun and cover whats inside, put some grated cheese all over it. The more the better!

Bake it in the oven as long as its written on the packaging - Done!

Bon Appetite =)

Montag, 23. November 2015

There is still rage inside

Hey guys,
This is a real honest Outfit. Overnight it got freaking cold and snowy. I don`t like snow. At all. And you have to read it all year again and again, I just can`t stand all the People being so happy about this weather. Maybe Im a grumpy cat but I prefer the warm, even hot weather over what going on right now, don`t feel comfortable at all. Fall is ok but I wouldn`t but if it just would go on with spring and skip winter. Why this Outfit is honest? Its what I wear to School and literally everwhere all the time recently. No jewellery needed and comfortable as fuck, even with my damaged collarbone. Oh and it got a Hood so I can hide if I want to escape winter. Or just sleep on the Couch.

Sweater: BlackMilk
Overknees: Free People
Boots: Dr,Martens
Faye =*

Freitag, 20. November 2015

I`m lost in a daydream

Hi guys,
 My life is pretty boring right now but I really do enjoy the freetime. I still have School and have to a study a lot ( and yes, TV Shows and Video games are much more interesting ), hope I can Show you a new blogdesign in a few weeks.
I already got a Midi skirt a year ago but somehow I didn`t liked it on me and sold it. When BlackMilk released a faux leather one, I gave it another Chance and what shoul I say, Im in love! Its the perfect mix between elegant and badass, prepare yourself for more Outfits with the skirt =)

Top: BlackMilk
Skirt: BlackMilk
Jacket: Zara
Backpack*: C&A
Scarf: Primark
Shoes: Vagabond

Faye =*

Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Food Wednesday: Pizza Snack

Hi guys,

Yey Im back with a litte recipe, all photographed with one Hand haha =D
Sometimes we just need a Snack to eat in front of the TV or during a busy lunch break.
I found this dough that is already prepared and if you just put it into your oven. But thats way to boring, lets do some Mini Pizza Breads!

What you need:
- bun dough ( this one is from Aldi )
- cheese
- tomato purée
- parsley
- pepperoni
- onion
or whatever you would like to have on your Pizza

1. Prepare the dough and form Little Pizzas. Remember, this isnt a Pizza dough and it will need some space to grow.

2. Put the tomato purée on it

3. And now everything else. I used cheese, pepperoni, onions and parsley.

4. Put it into the oven as Long as the packaging says, just be careful because of the fresh ingredients.

Done! I hope you like them, if you have any other ideas whats possible with that Kind of dough, write in the comments.

Montag, 16. November 2015

Living life in peace

This world is cruel. Its horrible and incredibly beautiful at the same time. As I wrote before, every century had its war and our is all around us right now, different than what we had before. But there is one thing all wars have in common: Its based on Religion or political conviction. Thousands of years have gone by, we still haven`t learned anything from all the hurt our ancestors were going through. But if not know, when. If not here, where. Why should our short lifes be controlled by some fanatical People who lost their effort for peace and freedom? Its a thin line between passion and fanaticism, Im not sure how far we are able to  judge these People. Is it really their fault or are they brainwashed by someone else, did all this bad with hope for a better life for themselves? Sure, theres no excuse for what is done to all these innocent, sometimes we need to take a look behind the curtain and from different perspectives. There isn`t just black or White.
All in one, we need to live and love our lifes. Someday we will be able to fight hate with love, spread happiness and freedom.
Imagine, its easy if you try.
Diese Welt ist grauenhaft. Sie ist schrecklich und wunderschön in einem. Wie ich bereits in einem vorherigen Post geschrieben habe, jedes Jahrzent hatte seine Kriege und unsere sind zurzeit überall um uns herum, anders als alles zuvor. Doch eins haben sie alle gemeinsam: Sie entstanden aufgrund von Religionen oder politischen Überzeugungen. Nach all dieser Zeit haben wir immer noch nichts aus all dem Schmerz unserer Vorfahren gelernt. Doch wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann. Wenn nicht hier, wo. Warum sollten wir unser kurzes Leben damit verbringen, uns von Fanatikern kontrollieren zu lassen, Menschen die jegliche Bemühungen für Frieden und Freiheit verloren haben. Es ist ein dünner Graht zwischen Leidenschaft und Fanatismus, ich bin mir nicht sicher ob wir diese Menschen verurteilen dürfen. Ist es wirklich ihre Schuld oder wurden sie einer Gehirnwäsche unterzogen, tun all diese schlimmen Sachen für die Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben für sich selbst? Natürlich gibt es keine Entschuldigung für ihre Taten, doch manchmal müssen wir alles aus verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachten. Denn es gibt nicht nur schwarz oder weiss.
Wir sollten unser Leben leben und lieben. Eines Tage werden wir im Stande zu sein Hass mit Liebe zu bekämpfen. Freude und Freiheit zu verbreiten.
Imagine, its easy if you try.


Jacket* : CN Direct
Scarf: Primark
Tights* : WholeSaleBuying
Purse* : Dresslink