Dienstag, 8. September 2015

Food Wednesday : French Cherry Cake

Hi guys ,
So Im back with some yummy food ! I went to my parents home last weekend and my mum made These  really tasty little cakes , its such an easy recipe that I have to show you how to make them ( because even I would be able to ;) ) .
600 g fresh cherries
30 g butter ( to grease the Muffin tins )
4 eggs
250 g cream
100 g flour
100 g sugar
a pinch vanilla sugar
a pinch salt
Now you put everything ( expect the cherries and the butter ) into the blender . Put the cherries into the greased Muffin tins and just pour the mixed ingredients all over it . Now you only need to bake them for 40 - 45 minutes / 180 degrees celcius in the oven and done !
Hope you enjoy ;)

Kisses ,
Faye =*