Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Festival Review : OASG 2015

Hi guys ,
As I told you on Saturday I bought a ticket to Openair St.Gallen last Minute and spent my Weekend there . Its a 10 Minutes walk from my house so I went home every night , even If it was a different Kind of Festival experience I wanted to Show you the Pictures and do my usual random Facts Festival post . All Pictures are shot with an IPhone 6 .
- I`ve never been to such a small Festival before but I really liked that the rules weren`t that strict as they are on bigger Festivals
- Going on a Festival in your hometown is pretty cool because you always meet People you may haven`t seen in a Long time and you`re never alone
- Food was really expensive like its common in Switzerland , but they had Raclette and after I saw that I was happy
- It rained two hours on saturday but the ground was really bad after that , mud everywhere and it would be pretty easy to prevent that . But I heard its Tradition , so Im sure this will not Change
- I`ve seen AnnenMayKantereit once at Rock im Park , but I thought that nobody wants to see them and I was completly wrong . This time I did not made that mistake and went there early enough , totally worth it they were amazing ! Check them out , even If you don`t understand german , they also got some english Songs and the singers voice is breathtaking .
- I spent most of the time with Selina , she went there many times before and I was glad to have someone who could help me with my orientation in this chaos =)


Faye =*

Samstag, 27. Juni 2015

I've learned a lot in love and loss

Hi guys,
I spontaneously chose to visit a local Festival just a few minutes from where I live , so I may won`t be online that much this Weekend . But hey, thats perfectly fine , we all need some offline time . I kinda like the idea that I can just go home wherever I want and sleep at home , I`ve never been on a Festival before where I lived near enough that I did not needed to go Camping . But to be honest ,thats part of the spirit and I`m already looking forward to next years Festival season .
A reason why I love Fashion is that you can choose your role everyday , one the day the cute smart Girl and another day badass all over . So on todays Outfit I`m the nerd who loves to go to School . I
really like the cut of the Dress , it covers my high neck , the back is a Little bit lower than the front so Im always secure . Yes I need glasses and normally I wear contact lenses , I just feel more comfortable with them .

Dress : BlackMilk
Jacket * : C&A
Glasses : RayBan
Boots : Vagabond

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Maybe Im crazy

Hello ,
Yes , all exams are over and I passed ,  but I definately need to start studying more next year cause its always the same . Im just to lazy to do something for School and in the end I have to fight so hard to pass . Maybe someday I will learn it one day , I hope so ^^ . But for now I just want to enjoy summer and have fun , being myself .
Something sporty today even if I dont do any Sport , shame . I got these shoes and I kinda like them but never knew how I could wear them , but I think they look pretty cool paired with the Dress . Something different than my beloved Dr.Martens , maybe its the platform that I love about them . Great advice for all tall Girls out there , I know how hard it is to wear heels when your over 5`10 but platforms still Stretch the leg and your not taller than all the guys around you .

Dress * : Dresslink
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace : H&M
Backpack * : C&A

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

Cause it's a bitter world and I'd rather dream

Hi ,
How was your week ?  I `m still sick , I really I hope that it will get better during the next few days . Only thing good about being to powerless to leave the house is that I can do all the nerdy things I love so much . Oh and how great is this right now , while the E 3 is on .  I would love to go there one day ! At the Moment I`m trying to finish all Assasins Creed games , but actually Im stuck with number three . But hey , maybe I will move forward while Im ill . By the way , did anyone of you watched the Game of Thrones finale ? So intense . Now we have to wait another year , but me list of series I want to watch is longer than my clothes wishlist , and that does mean something . I definately won`t be bored , actually I never am , good side of being a single child .
BlackMilk also is kinda like of a nerd brand , they have collections for TV series , Disney and Comics , not to mention all there other amazing stuff . When I got this Dress , first Thing I thought was to pair it with some chunky heels for a night out . But why not try something else and Dress it down with These badass Sneakers ?

Dress : Black Milk
Shoes : UNIF
Faye =*

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

I fancy you with passion

Hi guys ,
Yes , no exams for two months ! In four weeks I will be in France for a surftrip and Im so excited to see the ocean again , as a child my parents travelled a lot with me but they were more the "rent a car and drive around" type . So I never really was all day long in the water , but I think I will love it .
This is a classic Festival Outfit . Some denim shorts , a crop top , boots and a fringed leather jacket , ready to go . Pretty simple but still not to boring , best Thing about this look ? Its not expensive at all and without the boots/sunglasses no piece coasts more than 15 Francs .

Shorts * : Style Moi
Jacket * : Style Moi
Crop Top * : Dresslink
Backpack * : C&A
Boots : Dr.Martens
Sunglasses : RayBan